Monday, December 26, 2011

Hi. It's me, Sid.

I'm a very careless dog.  I have not posted a single thing here for almost TWO years.  That is wrong, even for a dog very busy with playing ball, sleeping and hanging out with kitties.  Yes.  Kitties.  We adopted Dilbert and Noah in April and May 2010 (notice this is when I stopped writing?)!  I love them much but this, coupled with Lisa working way too much at her fun Internet start-up place, leaves me with little time to write. 

This is Dilbert.  He's my buddy.  He seems very serious but, really, he's lots of fun.

He just acts like he thinks I'm ridiculous.  And then, there's Noah.  He likes to keep everyone awake at night. He's very handsome.  He knows it, too. He can compute.  Big deal.  So can I. 

Happy New Year.