Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cat a who la? Cat a hula?

Contrary to popular opinion,  a Catahoula is not a Cat that does the hula!  The Catahoula Leopard Dog (and I'm one) is a really interesting breed of dog!  Catahoula is the part of Louisiana where we are said to originate.  You can learn more about the origin and characteristics of the Catahoula on these sites:




I'm a very Catahoula-y Catahoula!  I'm reserved with strangers, very sweet and devoted to my people, freakishly smart, have great problem solving skills and I'm very athletic.  I have webbed feet.  I don't like to get them wet and they're hard to clean so that kind of isn't the best!   Even if you've never heard of the Catahoula Leopard Dog, once you've seen us you'll know that we are really very attractive, wonderful dogs.


  1. Yes, indeedy, you are a wonderful dog. Remember when I asked if you got your name 'cause you howled at cats? Now we all know better! Luv you!

  2. Hey Siddy, we sent u a Sunshine Award. xoxo

  3. JinJIn and Pixel - *nose taps* You are both too sweet to me. Thank you! I love you too!

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  5. I'm so happy you have a blog up and running Sid. I enjoyed reading about your breed to. You is the only catahoula doggie I know. Congratulations on the Sunshine award - you definately put sunshine in my life.

  6. We thought you were a kitty! You look nice, a bit like Lucy, our dog cousin in Spain. We're Malaysian cats: http://blog.lepak.com

  7. G'day Siddie!
    Thanks fur talkin bout yr breed... I'd never met a Catahoula until I met you, but I've seen a few of them on twtr & wondered abt the breed. Don't think any of them have been naughty enuf to get sent to Straylia yet.
    @Isagold told me u were a massive cat (leopard) who houled, but now I can set her straight.
    So pleased to see u hv a blog as well, I set one up but hvn't really done anything with it... I will one day soon!
    Hope to see u doin more bloggin too, maybe Curly can spread some of his luv as a guest blogger too!
    Cheers fur neow mate,
    Your buddy downunder,
    WeK x